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bulletRaspberry PI Vintage Internet Radio

  If you have an old vintage radio which you wish to breath new life into it by converting it to an Internet radio whilst maintaining  the original look and feel of the radio then this is the project for you.

This project requires version 5.3 or later of the Internet Radio software. The following illustration shows a vintage Philips BX490A radio manufactured in the Netherlands in 1949, which has been converted to run as an Internet radio. However almost any suitable vintage radio can be converted. It also optionally uses espeak to speak radio station information which makes it particularly suitable for  blind or visually impaired people.







Raspberry PI Vintage Radio Supplement
This manual is a supplement to the Raspberry Pi Internet Radio Constructors Radio. It describes how to convert a Vintage Radio to an Internet Radio using the Raspberry PI educational computer. The source and basic construction details are available from the following web site:

It is not a standalone manual and must be use in conjunction with the main Raspberry Pi Internet Radio Constructors guide.


Raspberry PI Vintage Radio Operating Instructions
These operating instructions are for this version of the radio. This document is available in Word (docx) format. Please email bob@bobrathbone.com for a copy.








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